Film Review: Red Hook Summer

Despite its many flaws, which also includes wooden acting and stilted dialogue from Toni Lysaith, who plays Chazz, a sassy asthmatic smitten with Flik, the film does boasts some lovely dramatic moments. Peters ignites the screen with his fiery sermons and Heather Alicia Simms, who plays Chazz’s mother, soars in a tangible exchange with Enoch about how serving the lord can sometimes encroach upon the responsibilities of a Black parent, and dictate how they raise their children.

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My Interview with Billy Dee Williams

As a lifestyle and entertainment writer, I interview a lot of people. Almost every story needs quotes. You get quotes by interviewing people. That’s just the way it goes.

I’ve only been writing professionally for three years and in that short time span, I’ve had the opportunity to interview some pretty famous people.

I’ve talked men’s style and fashion with John Legend; waxed poetic with Common about performing on stage versus on camera; listened to Ledisi (who is a super-duper sweetheart, by the way) reflect on how friends and family lifted her up during rough times. Two years ago, I sat across from Faith Evans in a hotel room in Boston where she raved about how Aliya S. King’s smokin’ hot debut novel, Platinum, was a spot-on depiction of what it means to be the wife of a hip-hop superstar.

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Back in Action: My Return to Acting…Sort of

“It’s a mockumentary style series that follows high profile contract killers,” says writer-director Pierre Coleman. “Jackson is a trigger happy hypochondriac and Lewis is the sarcastic ladies man. We follow them on their missions filled with mishaps and mayhem.” Coleman also says audiences can expect animation sequences and the actors to break the fourth wall Modern Family style.

In my scene (shot on April 22) I play an attractive therapist (okay the script didn’t say “attractive”) who attempts to help Jackson understand his mental health issues. And in the midst of my diagnosis, he pulls a gun out on me. Don’t you hate when that happens?

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