One Tequila. Two Tequila. Three Tequila. FLOOR.

Photo: S. James

Last week, I attended a swanky, private editor’s tasting of Maestro DOBEL Diamond Tequila. The event was tucked away in the underground lair of Los Feliz, a chic, yet, rustic tequila bar on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, which also happens to make a mean guacamole and mini-veggie bean burrito wrap. But unfortunately, this post isn’t about food – I digress.

As I made my way down the first flight of stairs, this striking chandelier caught my eye.

There’s a huge mirror (a constant theme through out the space) that hangs in front of the chandelier, reflecting its vastness. What a great piece of decor to welcome guests.

Another warm welcome: the big, black gift bags that adorned the steps, which led me to the space that housed the tasting.

The blush painted room – decorated with huge mirrors and camel leather chairs – boasts life-size floor plants, surround sound speakers and a small bar perfect for private parties.

The PR girls greeted me at the entrance way and before I could put my briefcase down, I was whisked away to the bar.

Sidebar: Ain’t nothing like being manhandled by a PR chick, demanding that you drink up rounds of free tequila. No argument here. No Ma’am.

The bar was already buzzing with folks ordering their third and forth cocktail and two women downing shots and sucking profusely on limes.

Damn. I was tardy for the party.

I decided to keep it cute and order from the prefix drink menu instead. If you ask me, downing shots at a tequila tasting is just…well…not in good taste. Plus, my editor made it clear that I better not get too drunk and embarrass the magazine.

My first drink was a margarita of sorts.

Photo: S. James

It wasn’t bad, just a bit too tart and strong for my liking. But I drank it anyway. Wouldn’t you?

But my next cocktail hit the spot.

Photo: S. James

The Spicy Pina.

2 Parts DOBEL
2 Parts Pineapple Juice
.5 Part Simple Syrup
Splash of OJ
Slice of muddled jalapeno
Garnished with a pineapple slice

Yum. Yum. Yum. Don’t let the muddled jalapeno scare you away. You can barely taste it. The simple syrup offsets the zing, making for a tasty mixture of sugar and spice – and everything nice. I had two of these joints.

Once I was nice and tipsy, a DOBEL executive came around with snifters full of tequila. It was time for his presentation.

DOBEL is high-end tequila from the Jose Cuervo family. Think of DOBEL as Jose’s uppity, well-established older brother. Billed as a blend of aged tequilas, gently filtered to produce a spirit with the complexity of aged cognacs and the crispness of luxury vodkas, its flavorful aromas, of wood, sugar cane and agave opens up the senses and begs to be tasted.

I obliged.

When drinking neat, DOBEL has a creamy, velvety texture and goes down surprisingly smooth. No fire in the chest sensations here, my friend.

I recommend DOBEL to die hard tequila lovers. It’s not for the ones that drink Margaritaville and Patron just for fun. This is a grown man’s (or woman’s) drink. The 750ml bottle retails for $74.99 and would make a great gift for the tequila lover in your life. As an added bonus, each bottle comes with an individual bottle number, distillation date and a signed signature of who blended it and at which ranch.

As the presentation came to a close and my head began to spin, I decided to call it quits and be on my way.

But not without my gift bag, which didn’t disappoint.

Photo: S. James

They hooked a brother up with a 750ml bottle of DOBEL, a large engraved snifter, a fitted cap, a notebook full of fun tequila facts and a pen to match.

On the way out, the once lovely, eclectic chandelier looked more like a mass of white, hot light. But I’m sure it was still nice just the same.

For more information, check out DOBEL online.

While you’re at it, give Los Feliz a whirl too.


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    Raja'ee Haynes, here. Your writing is not in vain, my brother. Nice piece. I came across one typo
    (embarassed/embarass) but other than that, this was very well put together. Keep it up. Readers still exist.


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