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Cabo San Lucas: Where The Mountains Mingle With The Sea

(Photo S. James) The moment I arrive at Riu Sante Fe, the sprawling, 902-room pueblo-style resort in Cabo San Lucas (, I’m greeted with an icy welcome: A cold glass of rum punch. Ahh, let the all-inclusivity begin. After I check in, I take a long, leisurely stroll to my room. As I pass through the lobby, I can still feel the warm, velvety breeze that lingered outside. That’s when I realize: I am outside…kind of. The lobby, which is made up of twenty mini-living rooms that look like something straight out of a Crate and Barrel catalog, has no

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Travel Light, Travel Far – Part Two: The Expert Checks In

Recently, I enlisted the help of packing expert extraordinaire Doug Dyment to help whip my packing game into shape. The man TIME magazine calls “the go-light guru,” shared his knowledge of packing, offered tips on how to travel lightly and challenged me to take a carry-on with me on a 4-day trip to Cabo. I’m back from Cabo. Did I do it?Boo-yah! Hell yeah I did it! There I am (exhausted) at Newark Liberty International Airport with (1) carry-on, (1) personal item – and that’s it! (Sidebar: Please disregard that DELL logo on my laptop bag. Let it be known

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Jesus Take The Wheel – Part Two: A Cop’s Point of View

Last week, I got pulled over in Essex County, New Jersey for talking on my cell phone while driving. Although the phone wasn’t to my ear, I understand that hands-free means hands-free. Period. So, technically, I’m guilty. Fine. But to add insult to injury, I was given a summons for carless driving and moments later, caught a cop driving while talking on her cell phone. Should I have really gotten a ticket for careless driving? Why is it unacceptable and considered careless if we drive and talk on our phones without a hands-free device but okay for cops to do

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