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Am I An Alcoholic?

I was on the phone with my father recently and we almost came to blows over something he said to me. We were talking about family stuff and out of no where he asks… Have you had a drink today?Me: Excuse me? Father: Have you had a drink today? Me: No, why? Father: Just wondering. I know how you like to get it in. Me: [Appauled] What do you mean? Father: Well, every time I speak to you, you’re always talking about how you were at this party or that party, drinking. Me: Well, I haven’t been out today. So

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Kelis: Flesh Tone

I’ve never known quite what to do with Kelis. Since she hit the scene with her debut album Kaleidoscope in 1999, I’ve tried desperately to put her in a box, all-the-while, jamming to her music.Is she R&B with an alternative edge? “Caught Out There” Pop? “Bossy”Hip Hop-ish? “Blindfold Me” She received a Grammy nomination for her biggest hit to date, “Milkshake,” in the Best Urban/Alternative Performance category. Huh? It sounds like the music industry doesn’t know what to do with her either. Kelis keeps things consistently inconsistent with her fifth studio effort, Flesh Tone, a nine-track dance album. My disdain

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Interview With Gene Weingarten

A few weeks ago, the recipients of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for excellence in writing and journalism were announced. I clicked on the link to read one of the acclaimed stories and was blown away by “Fatal Distraction” an in-depth, haunting feature about parents who accidentally kill their children by leaving them in the backseat of their cars, causing them to die of hyperthermia. The jaw-dropping piece was published in The Washington Post Magazine on March 8, 2009 and written by Gene Weingarten, already a Pulitzer Prize winner for his story “Pearls Before Breakfast,” but most known for his weekly

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