Monthly Archives: June 2010

The Wine is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Eighty-five miles west of New York City, tucked away in the hills of Bangor, Pennsylvania, just beyond a winding road that runs adjacent to the Delaware River, you’ll find the Franklin Hill Vineyard. This secluded gem is home to several prizewinning wines. When I arrived at the wine shop for the tasting, the pleasant women working behind the counter gave me a wine list. I was allowed to make six selections to taste. The list was broken up into four categories: White wines, red wines, rose wines and specialty wines. I chose: White Jade – a dry, lightly oaked white

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There was no way I was going to let the one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death pass without paying tribute to him in some way. Like many of you, I have that where-were-you-when-you-found-out memory. I was sitting Indian style in front of my TV, clenching my jaws and biting my nails, trying to ignore the indelible song in my heart that told me the King of Pop was indeed gone. When the news was officially announced, I shed a few tears and pissed off more than a few of my neighbors by blasting my favorite MJ cuts until the wee

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Twitter, I Think I Love You

I joined Twitter kicking and screaming. There was a time when I wanted no parts of the 140-character, nonstop stream of consciousness phenomenon that has taken over the internets. Mostly because I just didn’t get it. At the time, it didn’t make any sense. I was just fine in Facebook Land where pieces of flair, Farmville and party promotion wall posts run rampant. By the way, I’ve never played Farmville, I hate flair and despise party promotion junk mail. Please stop sending me that crap. Kthx. But in March of last year, on a whim, I buckled and joined Twitter

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