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Reggie Levine, a self-proclaimed tech geek, was one of the many talented bloggers who attended the Blogging While Brown (BWB) Conference in Washington, DC., in June. But I didn’t get the opportunity to meet him there.

It was the day after the conference while us bloggers were basking in the afterglow of the awesomeness that was BWB, that I stumbled upon his blog. is a treasure trove of priceless information about how to make the most out of your gadgets, reviews on new accesories and great deals on technology.

I learned how to look up words on my MacBook Pro without opening the dictionary application and how to create folders on my iPhone 3GS all from watching the videos on his blog.

While this is an exciting time for gadget lovers like myself, we’re inundated with many alternatives. To help make sense of some of the more popular gizmos on the market today, I asked the Atlanta based personal technology and social media expert to talk Kindle versus Nook, Mac versus PC, Twitter versus Facebook – and more.

URBANE.URBANITE.: How did you become such a techie?

REGGIE LEVINE: A few years ago, I started watching a channel on cable called TechTV. They had shows that covered everything from the basics of the internet to PC building. I was immediately hooked.

UU: What’s your favorite gadget right now?

RL: My iPhone 3GS

UU: What do you like to do when you aren’t busy tinkering around with Apple products?

RL: I am an avid martial artist and when I have time, I do a little photography.

UU: Anything new and exciting on the horizon in the tech world that folks should be on the look out for?

RL: There isn’t one thing to be on the look out for. I do believe that mobile phones and PC’s will eventually become indistinguishable.

RL: When it comes to e-book readers, it is all about brand loyalty. Feature for feature, they are basically even. As far as pricing, the base Nook is a little cheaper. If you purchase a device and its content (which is often tied to the device) and you are satisfied with its quality, that tends to make you biased.

Buy a Kindle if… You are satisfied customer of Amazon’s products and quality.

Buy a Nook if… You are a fan of Barnes and Noble’s products and want to save a little cash in the process.

RL: No matter how you slice this one, someone’s feelings will get hurt. Brand loyalty aside, the iPhone is good for everything multimedia. The BlackBerry is a corporate email powerhouse.

Buy an iPhone if… You need your entertainment, business and phone all wrapped up in a pretty package.

Buy a BlackBerry if… Your business requires reliable email, MMS, contacts and calendars and the ability to respond easily on a real keyboard.

UU: I’ve got an iPhone 3GS. I already downloaded the iOS4 software on to my phone. Do I really need the iPhone 4?

RL: I am in the exact same boat. I love my iPhone 3GS and have also downloaded iOS4. I would have to say wait if you can. You are not missing very many features that the iPhone 4 is offering.

UU: What am I missing out on?

RL: The HD camera, front facing camera for video conferencing and the higher resolution display.

UU: What’s the latest on the technical glitches?

RL: Apple is addressing the antennae problems, but offering free cases in the meantime.

UU: The iPad is all the rage now. I want one. But do I need one? I’ve already got a MacBook Pro and an iPhone. But I would love to pull out the iPad and write blog posts while I’m commuting. Is that reason enough? [Laughs]

RL: The iPad is an amazing device that can only be understood after playing with it. It will immediately be apparent why you should or should not buy one. Do you need one? No! But if you have the funds, I say yes.

UU: For the record, I’m Team Mac! Which one is better?

RL: I plead the fifth! [Laughs]

Buy a Mac if… You are looking for ease of use and beautifully designed hardware.

Buy a PC if… You are trying to save money in the short term and computers are simply a tool for getting things done.

UU: This one’s for all the bloggers out there. I created my blog using Blogger. My site is also hosted by Blogger. But everybody and their Momma seems to be on Team WordPress. Which one do you think is better?

RL: Neither is better in my opinion. They all offer similar functions and ease of use. I think you should play with several blog services until you find the one that fits you perfectly. I use SquareSpace.

Use Word Press if… You are a beginner or experienced.

Use Blogger if… You are a beginner or experienced.

UU: Recently, I wrote a post about why I love Twitter. The Facebook stans bashed me. [Laughs] They said they just don’t get Twitter. Which one do you think is better?

RL: Neither. They actually serve the same purpose but do it in different ways. Their purpose is to share with others, things that are going on. Since Facebook tends to be more for closed circles (Friends, family, groups.) I keep that circle as private as possible. Twitter is the uncharted “Wild West” where any and all interactions can and do take place.

Use Facebook if… You have a circle of friends, family or other groups that are already on Facebook.

Use Twitter if… You enjoy learning. I learn something new on Twitter every day.

UU: I’m on Foursquare and I use it frequently. I still don’t get it. What’s its purpose?

RL: The purpose of Foursquare is for friends to share where they are and tell others about the places they request. The whole thing is known as a ‘Check-In’. People check into places and they share where they are in addition to adding comments on the place. Like ‘the food in this place is amazing’ or ‘Next time your in this (Location) you got to visit (Place).

Use Foursquare if… You have friends that use it and you like sharing information about your everyday whereabouts.

Want to stay in the know on everything tech related?

Visit Reggie’s website.
Follow him on Twitter.
And check out his informative YouTube videos.

Well, there you have it.

Do you agree with Reggie’s comments?

Is the iPhone more for entertainment and the BlackBerry more for business?

Are you thinking about getting an e-reader? Which would you buy?

Reggie pleaded the fifth on the age old Mac or PC question but where do you stand?

Do you hate Twitter? If so, tell me why.

Are you a blogger who believes there really is a difference between Blogger and WordPress? If so, feel free to start a discourse here.

Talk to me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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  1. Morris

    I totally agree with Reggie's comments about the iPhone and Blackberry.I love my BlackBerry. I feel like it's a more distinguished piece of hardware and way more professional.
    I disagree with his assumption that WordPress and Blogger are exactly the same. I find WordPress a bit less user friendly, but its benefits far outweight the hassle it takes to master.

    Good write up.

  2. Anthony S Jennings

    I love the Posterous for blogging my music. You can use their templates, or make your own. You don't even need to go to their site to publish. You can send your blog an e-mail (like Squarespace and a few others) with your content and bam, it's live. Love that.


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