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Fat Tuesdays: My Homemade Sangria

Whenever I throw a function at my house, my homemade sangria always steals the show. There could be a tray full of scrumptious homemade red velvet cupcakes sitting out.Bottles of Grey Goose and Hennessy ready to be poured.A pan of piping hot mac n’ cheese waiting to be devoured. And without fail, everyone flocks (and stays very close to) the punchbowl full of my spiked red wine goodness. I even get requests to make it at other people’s functions. It’s all the rave! Google: “How to make sangria” and you’ll find tons of recipes at your fingertips. Except, they ain’t

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Theatre Review: NYC Fringe Festival Plays 2010

I’m reluctant to say that I enjoyed By Hands Unknown. Not because I didn’t like it but mostly because it’s an in-your-face no holds barred look at the history of lynchings in the United States and it’s affect on both black and white families in the deep south.  It’s kind of hard to enjoy that. It’s uncomfortable to watch, and at times, hard to listen to, which made its impact on me both poignant and unsettling. Using several vignettes and short plays written during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the 18 person cast reenacts real life incidents in which Black

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Hope Floats

L: Rita Flythe-Young; R: Simone Flythe Today is Rita Flythe-Young’s 51st birthday. Last Friday, there was a huge party thrown in her honor. It was a celebration with all the trimmings: a live DJ, her closest friends and family working up a sweat on the dance floor, scores of soul food, a huge cake with her picture on it, black and blue balloons served as centerpieces on each table and a matching banner hung on the wall that read HAPPY BIRTHDAY RITA. There was only one thing missing: the guest of honor. On the night of October, 7, 2009, Rita

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