Monthly Archives: September 2010

Personal Style: The Layered Look

It’s officially fall.  And when it comes to fashion, that means one thing: Time to Layer up! But after going through my closet, I realized that I needed a few jackets to add to my collection.  Layering has always been my favorite part of dressing for cooler temperatures.  And with the right jacket, I know achieving a great layered look can be effortless. Trend/style expert, Misha aka TheFabChick, offered to accompany me to the mall to find three lightweight jackets that would not only be good for layering but also work well with my existing wardrobe. Here’s what we found:   This blue,

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I’m Getting Old. Yes, I Know. For My Arthritic Knee Tells Me So.

Well. There it is. My arthritic left knee. In all it’s down-to-the-bone glory. The orthopedic surgeon tried pointing out exactly where the arthritis appears in the X-ray. I just nodded and pretended to see what he was talking about. I didn’t care where the arthritis was. I just wanted to know a) how/why I got it and b) when the heck it was going to go away.Last year, as I sat in the examination room with the left leg of my jeans rolled up with a look of bewilderment smattered all over my face, Dr. Ahmad, in his heavy Arabic

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Requiem for a Gchat

When I started blogging, I made a vow to never write about my 9 to 5 job. “Some things are simply OFF LIMITS!” I declared.    But I’ve got to break the rule just this one time… It started out like any other day. I got up, got dressed and made my way into the office. I clocked in, grabbed some fruit from the cafeteria and then headed upstairs to my cubicle. I turned on my computer, checked my work email and then logged into my personal Gmail account – and saw this: After I got done side-eyeing the computer

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