Monthly Archives: October 2010

Cookie Monster

C is for cookie and cookie is for me! *Falls down on knees in prayer pose* Lawd! What is I gone do?! Y’all, the bakery manager at Whole Foods done told me my favorite cookie in the whole wide world hasn’t been on shelves in weeks because it’s seasonal. She said it won’t be back until the spring! *Faints* Anyone who reads my blog, follows me on Twitter, FourSquare or Facebook knows I’ve got a soft spot for decadent baked goods. Chewy cookies.  *licks lips*Moist cakes.      *bites bottom lip*Tangy cobblers.  *drools*Warm brownies. *rubs belly* They make my heart sing. But my

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Word of Mouth: Irate Single Mothers, Please Think Before You Speak.

Everyone was quiet during the sleepy train ride to work yesterday morning with the exception of one riled up mother. She was yapping away on her cell phone to her “no good” baby father. I closed my eyes, turned up my iPod and tried to tune her out. But phrases like “You ain’t shit” “you good for nothing” and “I wish I never fucked with you,” overpowered the Adele that was now blaring from my earphones. I didn’t get too upset. I knew it was only a matter of time before she was forced to pipe down and hang up

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Photo Op: When Halloween Decorations Go Right!

Did they do a great job here, or what? Halloween is less than a week away, and folks in my neighborhood have pulled out all the stops when it comes to decorating their homes for the holiday.  On practically every other house, there are creepy looking scarecrows on the lawn, bushes laden with fake cobwebs and bright, orange pumpkins lining the walkways to the front door. But the house pictured above steals the show! I had to actually pull over to admire (and snap a flick) of this house that has had its entire front lawn turned into a gigantic

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