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Dear Santa (and whomever else it may concern): Check Out My Christmas List ’10

My Black Friday was a complete bust. All I bought were some jeans (that weren’t on sale), a hoodie and some curtains for my office. Lame. I’m just not a camp-outside-of-Best-Buy-and-Target-to-get-deep-discounted-stuff type of guy.  I almost had to check a few chins up in Kohl’s when folks called themselves knocking me over to get to $9.00 griddles and 60% of comforter sets.   I was ready to go home as soon as I got there. But my experience was nothing like this mess: My disdain for Black Friday aside, I do enjoy shopping and have a pretty specific Christmas wish

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The 6 Best UPSCALE Chain Restaurants

The holidays are officially upon us. And while many people will get their hands dirty in the kitchen slaving over hot stoves, others may opt to take friends and family out for a nice dinner instead. If you’re a food snob like me, you frown at the thought of dinning at a chain restaurant. While I don’t have anything against spots like The Cheesecake Factory (that carrot cake cheese cake! *drools*), Chili’s (Them lightly salted French fries *licks lips*) or Red Lobster (That there cheddar bay biscuit *faints*) when I want to have a real fine dining experience, those are

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Film Review: Frankie & Alice — Starring Halle Berry

I didn’t know what to expect going into the SAG nominating committee screening of Halle Berry’s new film Frankie & Alice, a small, independent project that’s been in the works for twelve years, shot on a shoestring budget in 25 days (only four months after Berry gave birth) co-produced by Berry and her longtime manager Vince Cirrincione. But I was pleasantly surprised. Frankie & Alice, Berry’s first film since starring in 2007’s Things We Lost in the Fire, is a psychological drama that chronicles the life of Frankie Murdock, a stripper with a multiple personality disorder. Based on a true

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