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Body Count: Do You Know How Many People You’ve Slept With?

Tucked away in a top secret location, handwritten using my favorite writing utensil (a Pilot Pen Precise V7 roller ball ink pen) on a titleless sheet of paper torn from a legal size notepad is a list of everyone I’ve ever had sex with. Yep. I keep a list – and yes, it’s numbered.And on days when I’m bored, I like to pull out that document (I’m thisclose to having it notarized), scan the names and take a leisurely stroll down memory lane. I’ve managed to keep a mental note of what all the symbols mean. For example, there are

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My Spring Must Have: White Denim

I drooled the entire time I thumbed through Esquire’s spring/summer 2011 Big Black Book. There are so many spring/summer must-haves that I simply…must have! Wing Tip ShoesLinen JacketsCanvas BagsTortoise Shell ShadesColored Chinos *Hides Debit Card* *Sigh* But the number one thing on my spring must-have list: white denim. I know. The mere mention of the words can be a bit off-putting. I imagine wine spilling on them during dinner. Or coming home with a dingy ass at the end of the day from sitting on filthy subway seats. But there are some perks to rocking white jeans: they go with

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Baby It’s You: Blogger Night | Show Review | Discount Ticket Code

There’s a new musical in town that’s garnering a lot of buzz.Baby It’s You, which is currently in previews and officially opens on April 27, tells the little known true story of Florence Greenberg. Eager to be more than just a homemaker, Greenberg stepped out on a limb and did the unthinkable for a 1950’s housewife: started her very own record label – and changed the landscape of the music industry forever. I caught a performance of Baby It’s You earlier this week when they hosted a lovely bloggers night. The night started with a one hour pre-show cocktail reception

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