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6 Tips on How To Eat Out During a Power Outage

There I am happily eating in a dark diner after Hurricane Irene Over the weekend, Hurricane Irene crippled the eastern seaboard, flooding towns, knocking over trees and taking lives. And in New Jersey, where I live, 617,000 people were without power. My lights were out for almost 18 hours. Meditation and light-skin-did Oreos helped me maintain my sanity. I had access to my gas stove but didn’t really feel like cooking. So I hit the streets and went to my favorite diner a few blocks down from my apartment. They were without power as well, but that didn’t keep them

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Highly (un)Recommended: 6 Ways to Avoid Writing Your Manuscript

I started working on my novel (for real, for real) in January of this year. I sat down and pumped out a couple of decent chapters. And I got some good feedback that propelled me to keep writing. As I started to use the momentum to pump out more work, something stopped me dead in my tracks: Procrastination. I would set aside time to sit down and write or brainstorm or jot down notes and plot ideas, but, instead, end up on Twitter shooting the breeze with hundreds of folks I do not know. I quickly zeroed in on the problem and scaled back on my

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Urban Spaces: A Snazzy Row House in the Nation’s Capital

For the past five months, Paul Shaw, an internal consultant for a government agency in the nation’s capital, has called a cozy row house home. Situated in Trinidad, a gentrified section of Northeastern Washington, DC, is his completely renovated two bedroom, two bathroom abode where African masks, chocolate browns and vibrant artwork pepper a sun-drenched open layout. Shaw, a native of St. Louis, MO and frequent entertainer, took me on a tour of his welcoming 1400 square foot digs, which includes a Club Monaco inspired friendship wall, a skylit bathroom – and an upscale kitchen that serves as the soul of the home. URBANE URBANITE:

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