6 Tips on How To Eat Out During a Power Outage

There I am happily eating in a dark diner after Hurricane Irene

Over the weekend, Hurricane Irene crippled the eastern seaboard, flooding towns, knocking over trees and taking lives. And in New Jersey, where I live, 617,000 people were without power. My lights were out for almost 18 hours. Meditation and light-skin-did Oreos helped me maintain my sanity. I had access to my gas stove but didn’t really feel like cooking. So I hit the streets and went to my favorite diner a few blocks down from my apartment. They were without power as well, but that didn’t keep them from serving customers and me from going in for something to eat.

Here are six tips on how to chow down during a power outage.

Make Sure The Roads Are Clear Before You Venture Out
Before you venture out for food, make sure the roads are clear and safe for travel. I probably shouldn’t have been out and about so soon after Irene passed, but I’m hardheaded¬†adventurous. But seriously, be careful. You don’t want to trip over a tree branch or stumble into live wires or flying debris in pursuit of a hot meal.

Chat With The Manager
Before you sit down to order, pull the manager to the side and ask him what’s available and what they’re serving. There’s nothing worse than sliding into a booth for some food only for the waitress to tell you that all they’re serving are yesterday’s stale apple turnovers.

Be Prepared To Order Simple Stuff
Even though the grill and gas stove are hot and ready to go, it doesn’t mean you can order anything. No Belgian waffles or carbonated juices and beverages, as they require electricity. Stick with easy, traditional fare like pancakes, eggs, sausage, sandwiches, coffee and water.¬†

Be Patient
Remember, a restaurant without power is, more than likely, a restaurant that is short staffed. Service will be limited. So bear with waitresses and line cooks as they move as fast as they can to learn what they can and cannot cook and serve on the fly.

Sit Close To A Door & Window
If your powerless dining experience takes place during the summer, chances are it will be hot and stuffy inside of the restaurant and they’ll have the door propped open to let in some fresh air. If possible, sit near the door to catch a breeze and by a window where the daylight will help you see your food as you eat.

Bring Cash
Credit card machines run on electricity. Although your eatery may have the old school credit card carbon slider machine, I doubt it. Keep it simple with cash. It will make everyone’s life easier.

There you have it!

It’s said that real G’s move in silence like lasagna.
Well, real foodies eat lasagna in the dark!
-The Urbane Urbanite


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  1. ShaniP

    Great ideas. I want some of those light-skin-did Oreos lol. I too was "adventurous" and was running around in the rain. SMH, thanks for the tips.

  2. Drew-Shane

    I've never thought about the cash thing. I'll definitely remember this and in the winter. I do a horrible job of keeping cash on me. My mom always yells at me because I'm always going to the ATM before I go somewhere. This is another reason WHY I need to but I'm sure I still WON'T.

  3. Urbane Urbanite

    Yes, Drew! If a hurricane or blizzard or whatever kind of predictable disaster is on the way, always grab some cash out of the ATM beforehand. Days could go by without power and you'd be stuck with plastic that you cannot swipe!


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