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Flower Power: Expert Tips On How To Unearth Your Green Thumb

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got the worst luck with plants. I see them in the store all pretty and gussied up, get them home and in a matter of days they’re dead. Case in point: The cactus. I stumbled upon a prickly, little guy at Home Depot last year. Small. Easy. Manageable. Perfect! Or so I thought.  I gave it a home on my desk (pictured in the banner pic of this blog). And less than a month later… Who kills a cactus?! Guilt-ridden, flustered and confused about my latest botany blunder, I turned to Sandra de Ovando for advice. She is

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EVENT: Exclusive Launch of Brugal Rum 1888

Photo: S. James On Wednesday night, inside of the Press Lounge located on the 16th floor atop Ink48, an upscale boutique hotel in midtown Manhattan, the number one rum in the Caribbean (and the only 100% Dominican rum) launched its newest labor of love. Photo: S. James Brugal Rum 1888 is a smooth, oaky master blend of double distilled fine rums aged 5-14 years. It’s sweet and flavorful and has a distinct, spicy lingering aftertaste. It has a dark amber hue and is packaged in a masculine, sleek, square-shaped bottle and costs $49.99. While the main bar was exclusively serving 1888 neat or on the rocks (I sipped mine neat), there

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EVENT: Unveiling of the Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador in New York City

The rooftop of Manhattan Motorcars was the place to be in New York City on Tuesday night as celebs, tastemakers and a select group of elite media sipped on NUVO Lemon Sorbet, toked on cigars and noshed on appetizers and cupcakes at the unveiling of the new Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador. Source Image Source Image  Photo: S. James For a mere $400,000, this speed machine, which features a 700hp V12 engine and comes in an array of colors, including the nero nemesis matte finish (pictured above), can be yours. Too rich for your blood? Mine too. While everyone was ogling

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