Monthly Archives: November 2011

My Upstairs Neighbor’s Bed Part 2: VIDEO PROOF

I don’t offend easily. With close to ten years of rejection under my belt auditioning and working as an actor, I’ve grown quite the thick skin. But I’m still an artist and very sensitive about my shit! About a month ago, a friend and loyal reader of this blog made a comment about the post: My Upstairs Neighbor’s Bed. He went on about how good he thought the post was and how much he enjoyed reading it. And then – like a rusty dagger to my heart – he asked: You made that up, right? Listen. Del don’t make up

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Road Trippin’ With The Fellas To Niagara Falls and Toronto

Photo: S. James  Del don’t do road trips. Usually. I have terrible childhood memories of being sandwiched in the back seat of an unairconditioned hooptie, riding down south in the middle of the summer. *Shudders*  So naturally, when talk of a road trip comes up, I’m the first one on the computer looking up a flight to said destination and making plans to meet my travel mates there. In my mind, by the time they get to the hotel completely aggravated, cranky and smelling of automobile, I’m already checked into my room, curled up with a Kindle and enthralled in a good book. Such

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