GET TIPSY: 5 Cocktails That Will Keep You Warm (and buzzed) This Winter

With the holidays looming and a brisk chill wafting through the air, ‘tis definitely the season for eating and drinking. While sizzling thirst quenchers like teas, hot chocolates and warm apple ciders will be bought and consumed by the boatloads this winter, what hot beverage options are available for folks looking to get lit – and stay toasted?

I commissioned the head bartender at 169 Bar, a down-home dive bar on the lower east side of Manhattan, to concoct five warm, charismatic cocktails perfect for keeping the cold at bay and a buzz on deck this winter.

I’ve tried them all – and they’re good!

Get an early morning jolt with this espresso eye-opener laced with Patron Café and topped with cinnamon and mint sprigs.
Try This Fiesta in a Cup:
Espresso Café
3 Parts Patron 
Shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream
Splash of Frangelico
Top with Cinnamon and Mint Sprigs


This warm, zesty, textured muddled-fruit cocktail is comforting and goes down nice and easy.
Warm Wine? Hey, Why Not?
Fill with Warm Shiraz
Muddled Orange Peel & Cherries
Sprinkle Cinnamon & Garnish with Orange and Cherry


It may look like a milkshake, but this holiday-themed coffee, Kahlua, Baileys trifecta is jam-packed with booze. It’s creamy, light – and a java lover’s dream.

You Won’t Find This Recipe At Starbucks:
Fill 3/4 with Coffee
Shot of Kahlua
Shot of Vanilla Stolichnaya
Shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream
Top with Cinnamon


It doesn’t look like much, but this spot of tea packs a punch! Maker’s Mark and simple syrup makes this soothing traditional favorite a must-have on a cold winter’s night.

Tea Party For One:
3 Parts Maker’s Mark
1 Part Simple Syrup
Fill with Hot Water
Splash of Lemon Juice 



Need to nurse a hangover after downing all these great drinks? Try this spicy, flavorful shot on for size. It’s a perfect choice for bloody Mary and seafood lovers alike. 

Feel The Fire:
1 Part Clamato Juice
1 Part Tomato Juice
Dash of Worcestershire Sauce & Pepper
1 Raw Oyster
Top with 1800 Tequila – and fire up the Shot Glass!


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