Back in Action: My Return to Acting…Sort of

After a six-year hiatus, I’ve made a triumphant return to the big screen! The small screen! Okay, your computer screen!

Yep, I’ve got a lead role, a supporting role, a small role as a therapist in one scene of the fifth episode of the upcoming comedic web series, Jackson & Lewis (think Bad Boys meets The Odd Couple).

“It’s a mockumentary style series that follows high profile contract killers,” says writer-director Pierre Coleman. “Jackson is a trigger happy hypochondriac and Lewis is the sarcastic ladies man. We follow them on their missions filled with mishaps and mayhem.” Coleman also says audiences can expect animation sequences and the actors to break the fourth wall Modern Family style.

In my scene (shot on April 22) I play an attractive therapist (okay the script didn’t say “attractive”) who attempts to help Jackson understand his mental health issues. And in the midst of my diagnosis, he pulls a gun out on me. Don’t you hate when that happens?

I had a blast shooting the scene. My scene partner, Omar Scroggins, had something new in store for each take, which kept the experience fresh and spontaneous. He really loves to switch it up, and that made for a fun time on set.

Being back under the lights and in front of the cameras felt like home. But I won’t front, I was a little nervous at first.

Will I be able to remember my lines?
Hit my mark?
Keep up with continuity?
Hell, do I still know how to act?

My last acting gig was a sold out performance of Love Me Like This: The Parachute Plays,  an evening of six staged readings of original one acts to raise awareness for LGBTQ youth. All the proceeds went to The Trevor Project to support the It Gets Better campaign. That was over a year ago. And that was also theatre, which is nothing like film and video acting.

Well, after one or two rough takes – Coleman’s exact words after stopping the first take were “that sucked!” – Scroggins and I began to find a nice rhythm and the scene started to take off.

Am I back? I wouldn’t go that far. I’ll never really act as much as I’d like to because I still hate looking through breakdowns, learning monologues and auditioning, you know, all the stuff actors have to do to get work. But I’ve got to admit, it sure did feel nice to be back in the saddle, creating and bringing words and a character to life.

Shout out to Pierre for allowing me to jump in and play for the day. If you’d like to learn more about Pierre and his company, Solid Brick Entertainment, check out his website and follow him on Twitter.

Below are a few random flicks of me working (and horsing around) on the set.

The web series is slated for release sometime this summer.


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