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My Favorite Things: Summer Edition

With Oprah on her way out, it’s only right that I step in and start my very own favorite things list. It’s the same set up: I list my favorite clothing, food, games, books and snacks that I couldn’t do without this summer. The only difference is that my list isn’t as nice as Oprah’s. Or expensive. Or exclusive. And I ain’t giving away any of this stuff for free.  But aside from all that, it’s just Oprah’s. Yes, summer is almost over but I assure you that everything on this list can be used all year long.Enjoy! Mini Cooper Clubman

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PLATINUM: A Novel by Aliya S. King

Aliya S. King is a mess right now. A few weeks ago, Original Gangster, the memoir King wrote for legendary Harlem drug lord Frank Lucas hit stands and she didn’t so much as blink an eye. It’s not that she doesn’t care. She simply doesn’t have the time. “I’m going nuts” says the wife and mother of two who is juggling multiple national magazine projects and book proposals all while promoting her debut novel, Platinum, an up close and personal page-turner that chronicles the lives of four women involved with men in the hip-hop industry. The novel hits stores nationwide

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