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I Done Went and Got Published in a Scholary Journal

Homer, ancient Greek poet & scholar Scholarly is the last word I would used to describe myself. In fact, the adjective is on my list of words people overuse when describing themselves and others. (Other words include: epic. icon. amazing. etc.) But, today, I am quite proud to announce that I’ve got a clip in a scholarly journal. Woot! Woot! Wait. Are written pieces in journals even called “clips?” The word “clips” sounds too light and general – not serious enough. I think the proper phrasing is: I’ve got an article published in a scholarly journal. Ah, yes. That sounds

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Highly Recommended: Lovely, Still

My love for the geriatric set does not start and end with The Golden Girls. In this youth driven culture of Jersey Shores and Kim Kardashians, I always welcome a seasoned diversion from the mainstream. Such was the case for Lovely, Still, a delightful, romantic film about Robert (Martin Landau) and Mary’s (Ellen Burstyn) whimsical December-December love affair. A lonely Robert gets a new lease on life when Mary moves in across the street and asks him out on a date. What ensues is a heartwarming exploration of late-in-life romance with a sentimental twist that will leave you heartbroken. First

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"I Just Made Shit Up!" Kathryn Stockett and The Story Behind ‘The Help’

The day after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Kathryn Stockett found herself sitting in her downtown New York City apartment, reflective, lonely and terribly homesick. “I was thinking about my family and thinking about this woman named Demetrie,” said Stockett. “She was the African-American woman that worked for our family for 32 years and for the first time in my life, I started to ask myself ‘what was she thinking all of those years?’ I had totally taken it for granted. I was so naive as a child. She knew everything about us and I didn’t know anything about her. So I started

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