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Christina Aguilera: Bionic

From the moment Christina Aguilera declared herself a genie in a bottle, on the single of the same name from her 1999 self-titled debut, I was a believer. Her powerhouse voice soared leaps and bounds above that of her Mickey Mouse Club counterpart Britney Spears, who also burst onto the scene at the same time. Aguilera went on to win the Grammy¬†for Best New Artist in 2000, beating out Spears, Kid Rock and Macy Gray.Since then, we’ve watched Aguilera go back to her roots (Mi Reflejo), get dirty (Stripped) and jazz things up (Back to Basics); all were equally interesting

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I’m Getting Old. Yes, I Know. For Lil’ Kim Tells Me So.

Last weekend, somehow, I managed to break free from my Snuggie and get off the couch long enough to hit up a hood club in Brooklyn. A quick primer on me and the club: Those days are over. All of that getting dressed, standing in line (I haven’t reached “baller status” where I get to cut the line to gain immediate access to the other side of the velvet rope), paying an expensive cover, buying overpriced drinks and dancing to only half of the songs the DJ plays week after week is just no longer appealing to me. I’d much

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Kelis: Flesh Tone

I’ve never known quite what to do with Kelis. Since she hit the scene with her debut album Kaleidoscope in 1999, I’ve tried desperately to put her in a box, all-the-while, jamming to her music.Is she R&B with an alternative edge? “Caught Out There” Pop? “Bossy”Hip Hop-ish? “Blindfold Me” She received a Grammy nomination for her biggest hit to date, “Milkshake,” in the Best Urban/Alternative Performance category. Huh? It sounds like the music industry doesn’t know what to do with her either. Kelis keeps things consistently inconsistent with her fifth studio effort, Flesh Tone, a nine-track dance album. My disdain

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