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Is My Acting Career Getting a Reboot?

I’m feeling quite actorly this week. Today, I take new headshots for the first time in five years.  My old ones aren’t bad, per se. But it’s time for a new look. I may still look the same, but I feel like such a different person now. When I look at these pictures, I don’t see myself anymore. I’ve grown up quite a bit over the last five years.  I’m ready to bring some new experiences to the lens. And I’m sure my photographer, Antonio, will capture something special. We’ve got some fun indoor/outdoor stuff lined up that I’m sure

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A Travel Story Exclusive: The Sights of St. Croix

Photo: S. James Sometimes, being a writer has its perks. A couple of weeks ago, my brilliant-phenomenal-stupendous-wonderful editor sent me on an assignment to cover the culture on the beautiful island of St. Croix. *Swoons* I couldn’t wait to escape the frigid temperatures here in the Northeast and trade in my peacoat for a tank top and flip-flops.  But St. Croix has so much more to offer than a balmy year-round climate. The island is rich in culture and tradition with a bountiful, well-documented past.  The locals are warm, friendly and welcoming. The views are breathtaking and drool worthy –

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Photo Op: When Halloween Decorations Go Right!

Did they do a great job here, or what? Halloween is less than a week away, and folks in my neighborhood have pulled out all the stops when it comes to decorating their homes for the holiday.  On practically every other house, there are creepy looking scarecrows on the lawn, bushes laden with fake cobwebs and bright, orange pumpkins lining the walkways to the front door. But the house pictured above steals the show! I had to actually pull over to admire (and snap a flick) of this house that has had its entire front lawn turned into a gigantic

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