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Back in Action: My Return to Acting…Sort of

“It’s a mockumentary style series that follows high profile contract killers,” says writer-director Pierre Coleman. “Jackson is a trigger happy hypochondriac and Lewis is the sarcastic ladies man. We follow them on their missions filled with mishaps and mayhem.” Coleman also says audiences can expect animation sequences and the actors to break the fourth wall Modern Family style.

In my scene (shot on April 22) I play an attractive therapist (okay the script didn’t say “attractive”) who attempts to help Jackson understand his mental health issues. And in the midst of my diagnosis, he pulls a gun out on me. Don’t you hate when that happens?

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CHECK IT OUT: The Fire This Time Festival

“There is something terribly radical about believing that one’s own experience and images are important enough to speak about, much less to write about and to perform “ -James Baldwin That quote by famed literary icon James Baldwin is a staple on the website for The Fire This Time Festival, and speaks to its mission to provide captivating, conscious portrayals of the black experience and offer a platform for early-career playwrights of African descent to explore new voices, styles and challenging new directions for contemporary theater. The festival, which kicks off its third season on January 16 with a panel discussion on diversity in contemporary

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Why I Love Viola Davis

I absolutely adore Viola Davis. Truly. Not just because she’s a phenomenal scene stealing actress. (See her powerful turn in the 2008 drama Doubt. You almost forget Meryl Streep is even on camera with her!) But because she’s the real deal. All around. Period. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak during a post screening Q&A of The Help for which I’m sure she’ll be showered with accolades this awards season. She spoke candidly about what it’s like to be a Black actress in Hollywood and how it affected her decision to start her own production company. And on

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