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Little Stars Are Doing Big Things at The Castillo Theatre

The All Stars Project Inc. is a 100 percent privately funded organization dedicated to the development of minorities and the less fortunate through the arts, theatre and performance.  Centrally located on 42nd Street in the heart of NYC’s theatre district, is their spacious 31,000 square foot learning center, complete with four theatres, several rehearsal spaces and a host of future Broadway stars. There are a plethora of programs to choose from – an adult improvisation group, youth theatre, UX, a development institution for people of all ages – but last night, I had the pleasure of catching a dress rehearsal of the first part of the Young Playwrights

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Theatre Review: NYC Fringe Festival Plays 2010

I’m reluctant to say that I enjoyed By Hands Unknown. Not because I didn’t like it but mostly because it’s an in-your-face no holds barred look at the history of lynchings in the United States and it’s affect on both black and white families in the deep south.  It’s kind of hard to enjoy that. It’s uncomfortable to watch, and at times, hard to listen to, which made its impact on me both poignant and unsettling. Using several vignettes and short plays written during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the 18 person cast reenacts real life incidents in which Black

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Theatre Review: The Hurricane Katrina Comedy Festival

In 2008, I took a random trip to New Orleans. I had no real reason to go except for the fact that I had never been. For me, that was reason enough. I stayed at a beautiful hotel called Le Pavillon located around the corner from Bourbon Street. I had a great time: Good food. Swamp tour. Karaoke. The works. But the highlight of my trip took place in the dining room of my hotel. My server, a tall, heavyset, elderly, black woman clad in a curly, black wig and navy blue waitress uniform came over to my table to

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