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GET TIPSY: 5 Cocktails That Will Keep You Warm (and buzzed) This Winter

With the holidays looming and a brisk chill wafting through the air, ‘tis definitely the season for eating and drinking. While sizzling thirst quenchers like teas, hot chocolates and warm apple ciders will be bought and consumed by the boatloads this winter, what hot beverage options are available for folks looking to get lit – and stay toasted? I commissioned the head bartender at 169 Bar, a down-home dive bar on the lower east side of Manhattan, to concoct five warm, charismatic cocktails perfect for keeping the cold at bay and a buzz on deck this winter. I’ve tried them

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Road Trippin’ With The Fellas To Niagara Falls and Toronto

Photo: S. James  Del don’t do road trips. Usually. I have terrible childhood memories of being sandwiched in the back seat of an unairconditioned hooptie, riding down south in the middle of the summer. *Shudders*  So naturally, when talk of a road trip comes up, I’m the first one on the computer looking up a flight to said destination and making plans to meet my travel mates there. In my mind, by the time they get to the hotel completely aggravated, cranky and smelling of automobile, I’m already checked into my room, curled up with a Kindle and enthralled in a good book. Such

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EVENT: Exclusive Launch of Brugal Rum 1888

Photo: S. James On Wednesday night, inside of the Press Lounge located on the 16th floor atop Ink48, an upscale boutique hotel in midtown Manhattan, the number one rum in the Caribbean (and the only 100% Dominican rum) launched its newest labor of love. Photo: S. James Brugal Rum 1888 is a smooth, oaky master blend of double distilled fine rums aged 5-14 years. It’s sweet and flavorful and has a distinct, spicy lingering aftertaste. It has a dark amber hue and is packaged in a masculine, sleek, square-shaped bottle and costs $49.99. While the main bar was exclusively serving 1888 neat or on the rocks (I sipped mine neat), there

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