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Kickin’ it in Cali: My San Fran-Napa Valley Wine Country Getaway

Image: S. James An unseasonably cool breeze whips through my rental car as I zoom up I-80 on my way from the San Francisco International Airport to The Meritage Resort & Spa in southern Napa Valley. After a six-hour flight from New York City, the fresh air is a welcome reprieve. The one-hour drive, which features glimpses of The San Francisco Bay, grassy knolls and rugged mountainous terrain, goes by in a flash. And before I know it, I pull up to a palatial 158-room resort that looks like an estate plucked straight from a Tuscan painting. I can’t wait to check in! Image: Courtesy

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The Ainsworth: An Upscale NYC Sports Bar

The Ainsworth is not your typical sports bar. Sure, there’s the standard fare: Flat screens (over three dozen to be exact) on display at every available angle; a mammoth-sized, fully-stocked bar that begs to be sat at and pine walls that evoke a rustic, woodsy vibe. But fused with all of the masculine details are charming chandeliers that hang from sky-high ceilings, sporadic splashes of printed wallpaper, white, sheer curtains and life-size plants that dress the store front windows and doorway, giving the decor a classy, delicate touch. Situated in the heart of Chelsea, The Ainsworth is a 6,000 square foot, full service neighborhood hangout,

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Fat Tuesdays: Shydel’s Spiked Soy Strawberry Pineapple Smoothie

On a hot summer day, nothing is better than an ice cold fruit smoothie…laced with Bacardi. I got this recipe from my homie, Aliya. But I remixed it by substituting regular ice cream with dairy free SO Delicious instead (I’m lactose intolerant) and adding a “splash” of hooch to give it an extra kick. There are a ton of smoothie recipes out there. But mine is pretty basic compared to others. Here’s how you can enjoy an easy to make, semi-healthy, fruit-filled beverage that will hopefully give you a light buzz to boot! What You’ll Need: A Blender1 Frosted Glass1/2 Cup of Fresh

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