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Road Trippin’ With The Fellas To Niagara Falls and Toronto

Photo: S. James  Del don’t do road trips. Usually. I have terrible childhood memories of being sandwiched in the back seat of an unairconditioned hooptie, riding down south in the middle of the summer. *Shudders*  So naturally, when talk of a road trip comes up, I’m the first one on the computer looking up a flight to said destination and making plans to meet my travel mates there. In my mind, by the time they get to the hotel completely aggravated, cranky and smelling of automobile, I’m already checked into my room, curled up with a Kindle and enthralled in a good book. Such

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6 Tips on How To Eat Out During a Power Outage

There I am happily eating in a dark diner after Hurricane Irene Over the weekend, Hurricane Irene crippled the eastern seaboard, flooding towns, knocking over trees and taking lives. And in New Jersey, where I live, 617,000 people were without power. My lights were out for almost 18 hours. Meditation and light-skin-did Oreos helped me maintain my sanity. I had access to my gas stove but didn’t really feel like cooking. So I hit the streets and went to my favorite diner a few blocks down from my apartment. They were without power as well, but that didn’t keep them

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Restaurant Review: Brasserie Beaumarchais

My French is a little rusty. But I will never let my bilingual struggle keep me from enjoying une nuit fine cuisine française. Brasserie Beaumarchais, a sexy eatery inspired by the south of France located in the heart of New York City’s hip Meatpacking District, serves up some flavorful French cuisine. As upscale and chic as executive chef and Iron Chef champion Nicolas Cantrel’s restaurant is, the lively crowd and a live DJ keeps the stuffiness at bay. Although it’s best known for its brunch, I decide to give their dinner menu a whirl.The place is bustling inside and out with an after work crowd. (There’s a

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