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Lounge Review: Stir

I have reservations! That’s what I yelled over the thumping bass of P-Diddy’s “Hello, Good Morning” to the bouncer who was checking ID’s at the door of Stir, a lounge on New York City’s upper east side. He pointed me in the direction of the hostess at the bar. Sure, I had called ahead to reserve a table for two, but I was also referring to my sudden suspicion that this supposed night of laid-back martini tasting and appetizer nibbling had just taken a turn for the worse. The raucous crowd spilling out of the door was my first indication

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A Travel Story Exclusive: The Sights of St. Croix

Photo: S. James Sometimes, being a writer has its perks. A couple of weeks ago, my brilliant-phenomenal-stupendous-wonderful editor sent me on an assignment to cover the culture on the beautiful island of St. Croix. *Swoons* I couldn’t wait to escape the frigid temperatures here in the Northeast and trade in my peacoat for a tank top and flip-flops.  But St. Croix has so much more to offer than a balmy year-round climate. The island is rich in culture and tradition with a bountiful, well-documented past.  The locals are warm, friendly and welcoming. The views are breathtaking and drool worthy –

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Restaurant Review: Aspen Social Club

Smack dead in the middle of Time Square, among the white lights of Broadway, gargantuan billboards, and throngs of camera-ready tourists is a cozy enclave called the Aspen Social Club. The decor is a mix of city sophistication and warm ski lodge comfort.  The foyer is dimly lit, the ceiling is made up of granular, wooden planks and along the way to the main dining room are small, intimate alcoves complete with a table and chairs for nibbling on appetizers and sipping cocktails. With a crackling fireplace playing on a flat screen, a mass of ivory antler shaped ornaments hanging

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