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16 Ways To Jump Start Your Workout And Diet In Time For Summer!

When I interviewed Jasmine Graham about her fitness company Pace For Success, I also asked her if it was too late to get a beach-ready body in time for summer. “No,” she said. “You can start a 6-week intensive program, [which includes] a diet and a combination of 4–5 days of working out at medium to high intensity.” Here are Graham’s 16 tips on how to get moving, eat better – and get snatched in time for summer.1) Get a friend or family member to start an exercise program with you. 2) Go to a running store to get fitted

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Interview With Pace For Success Founder Jasmine Graham

After a 16 year career in the fashion industry, which included a vice-president of sales position for the ECKO Kids line, Trinidadian born Jasmine Graham was laid off and decided to turn her attention to giving back.  “I had been volunteering my time with an organization called Team in Training for 3 years,” says the current Brooklynite. “They prepare you for half marathons, marathons, triathlons and century rides while you raise money for blood cancer. I ran my first marathon with them in Alaska in 2006 and I stayed with the program and became a mentor and then an assistant coach. By

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Seeking Solace in Brooklyn

Every now and then, I need to make a quick escape. Life gets tough and the four walls in my apartment in New Jersey – as much as I adore my crib – start to close in on me and I want out! This past weekend was rough. I had a lot on my mind and needed a change of scenery. A change of pace. Different air to breathe.  Something to help me clear my head and take a break from my thoughts. I knew just where to flee: Brooklyn. I’m in Manhattan all the time – working, eating, chilling,

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