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The Co-Founder of The Red Pump Project Talks Shoes and HIV/AIDS Awareness

The moment you visit The Red Pump Project website, you’re hit with a sobering fact: Every 9.5 minutes, someone in the US is infected with HIV.   It’s startling statistics like that, which makes The Red Pump Project – a three-year-old collective dedicated to starting conversations and raising funds to impact HIV/AIDS awareness for women – absolutely necessary. The red pump is used as a symbol of empowerment, strength and courage for women both directly and indirectly affected by the disease. With today being National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, I felt it only fitting to chat with one of the co-founders of The

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Film Review: Desert Flower

Fresh popcorn and wine were on deck last week at the film screening of Desert Flower, presented by The African Heritage Network and The New York Times Company. Flower chronicles the tumultuous childhood of Waris Dirie, who also penned the international best-selling novel the film is based on.  The stunning Liya Kebede is a force as Dirie, a woman who survives female genital mutilation at age three, being sold into marriage as a teenager and transforms herself from a Somalian nomad into an internationally recognized top supermodel and human rights activist. Kebede delivers a powerful performance laced with humor and humanity.  Watch out for a special

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I’m Getting Old. Yes, I Know. For My Arthritic Knee Tells Me So.

Well. There it is. My arthritic left knee. In all it’s down-to-the-bone glory. The orthopedic surgeon tried pointing out exactly where the arthritis appears in the X-ray. I just nodded and pretended to see what he was talking about. I didn’t care where the arthritis was. I just wanted to know a) how/why I got it and b) when the heck it was going to go away.Last year, as I sat in the examination room with the left leg of my jeans rolled up with a look of bewilderment smattered all over my face, Dr. Ahmad, in his heavy Arabic

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