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Damian Bailey: Fitness Guru

Meet Damian Bailey: This. Dude. Is. A. Beast. I’m not sure how Bailey and I connected on Facebook but he always catches my attention with his status updates about wearing out his personal training clients at the gym and his rants about building a better body and working out on the beach. Of course I read all this while lying on the couch, eating light-skinned Oreos and hating on his killer body. The 33-year-old New Yorker isn’t just a personal trainer, fitness model and CEO of DAMIAN BAILEY FITNESS. He’s also a filmmaker, producer and CEO of Glory 2 God

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Biker Boy

I don’t know about you, but on a warm spring day there’s nothing I enjoy more than pulling out the ol’ bike, throwing on my helmet and riding through the hood. Whether I stay local or cruise through Manhattan, the thrill is just the same: The adrenaline races through my veins as my foot presses down on the pedal; the sharpness of the wind whips against my helmet as I zip through the streets; the unspoken camaraderie in the form of a head nod between myself and my biker bredrin strokes my ego as I pass them by. Nope. Nothing

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