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Reblogged: A Conversation With Dad

The Urbane Urbanite has been around for 15 months. And in that time, I’ve written quite a few personal posts – a tribute to my 92-year-old Granny after she passed away; the uneasiness I feel about my mother getting back on the dating scene; a confessional about feeling like a quitter when it comes to my acting career – but the most personal post, by far, has to be the interview I did with my father. The Conversation with Dad post is the most popular, most talked about piece I’ve ever written. It has elicited the biggest reaction from the

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Body Count: Do You Know How Many People You’ve Slept With?

Tucked away in a top secret location, handwritten using my favorite writing utensil (a Pilot Pen Precise V7 roller ball ink pen) on a titleless sheet of paper torn from a legal size notepad is a list of everyone I’ve ever had sex with. Yep. I keep a list – and yes, it’s numbered.And on days when I’m bored, I like to pull out that document (I’m thisclose to having it notarized), scan the names and take a leisurely stroll down memory lane. I’ve managed to keep a mental note of what all the symbols mean. For example, there are

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Music Review: Adele 21

Adele is all grown up. Already a hit in the UK, 21, the follow up to her successful critically acclaimed 2008 debut 19, is an open book full of brokenhearted memories and candid piano-driven ballads. 21 opens with two mid-tempo songs, the single “Rolling in the Deep” and the track “Rumour Has It,” which features a fiery Adele over a straight drum beat as she proclaims to a former lover that the new woman he’s chosen for himself is not a good fit. “She, she ain’t real/she ain’t gone be able to love you like I will/she is a stranger, you and

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