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The Co-Founder of The Red Pump Project Talks Shoes and HIV/AIDS Awareness

The moment you visit The Red Pump Project website, you’re hit with a sobering fact: Every 9.5 minutes, someone in the US is infected with HIV.   It’s startling statistics like that, which makes The Red Pump Project – a three-year-old collective dedicated to starting conversations and raising funds to impact HIV/AIDS awareness for women – absolutely necessary. The red pump is used as a symbol of empowerment, strength and courage for women both directly and indirectly affected by the disease. With today being National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, I felt it only fitting to chat with one of the co-founders of The

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Personal Style: My Favorite Winter Scarf

Only the sweet Lord up above knows how much I’m over this winter weather.  Over. It. The snow, the ice, the subzero temperatures, the blustery winds, the wintry mixes, the sleet and did I mention the snow?  Hate it.  And I swear fo’ gawd that groundhog had better not be pulling my leg with this early spring stuff he predicting. While there are countless things I abhor about this depressing weather, I do enjoy dressing for it.  I previously wrote about my love of a good trench coat and layering.  But my favorite thing about suiting up for the winter is

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