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Prom Night Redux

On my way home from work last week, I saw two white stretch limosuines cruising down the street carrying kids on their way to the prom. A couple of guys were hanging out of one sunroof, profiling and flashing peace signs at us common folk. And hanging out of the other sunroof, were their dates screaming yeah baby and drinking what I hope was sparkling cider out of champagne flutes. As they sped by me on their way to enjoy a night they won’t soon forget, I couldn’t help but think back to my prom nights. I can remember it

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Urban Spaces: Bohemianism in Brooklyn

On the top floor of a four-story walkup in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn is one eclectic apartment. Robert Fuller, a visual merchandising director in the fragrance and beauty industry has thrown all inhibitions to the wind, turning his one-bedroom apartment into a chic, bohemian wonderland full of crisp, white linens and eye-popping puppets. Fuller invites me into his home to talk about the agony of choosing paint colors, his love of nostalgic pieces and his obsession with a 5-foot pig on Ninth Avenue.URBANE.URBANITE.: What do you like best about your neighborhood? ROBERT FULLER: I really like the ethnic and

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Scents of Smell

It’s that time of year again: you’re packing away the sweaters and pulling out the shorts, but is your smell good game on point for those hot summer days? Award winning global fragrance expert Marian Bendeth is the president and owner of the Toronto based fragrance consulting firm Sixth Scents. We chat about her successful company, how to choose a fresh summer scent and I find out if any of my favorite colognes meet her standards for the perfect summer fragrance. Urbane.Urbanite.: Tell me about your company Sixth Scents. Marian Bendeth: Sixth Scents is a rare pivotal “Swiss Army Knife”

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