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Kickin’ it in Cali: My San Fran-Napa Valley Wine Country Getaway

Image: S. James An unseasonably cool breeze whips through my rental car as I zoom up I-80 on my way from the San Francisco International Airport to The Meritage Resort & Spa in southern Napa Valley. After a six-hour flight from New York City, the fresh air is a welcome reprieve. The one-hour drive, which features glimpses of The San Francisco Bay, grassy knolls and rugged mountainous terrain, goes by in a flash. And before I know it, I pull up to a palatial 158-room resort that looks like an estate plucked straight from a Tuscan painting. I can’t wait to check in! Image: Courtesy

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Seeking Solace in Brooklyn

Every now and then, I need to make a quick escape. Life gets tough and the four walls in my apartment in New Jersey – as much as I adore my crib – start to close in on me and I want out! This past weekend was rough. I had a lot on my mind and needed a change of scenery. A change of pace. Different air to breathe.  Something to help me clear my head and take a break from my thoughts. I knew just where to flee: Brooklyn. I’m in Manhattan all the time – working, eating, chilling,

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Self-Diagnosis: I’m Suffering From Post Vacation Depression

*Throws self on carry-on bag* Why Lawd WHY? *Sigh* Yesterday, I came home from a fantastical extended weekend getaway in northern California. (Review coming soon.) I had a ball. That jaunt was just what the doctor ordered. The cat’s meow. The bee’s knees. The yin to my yang. The – well, you get the point. But I swear, as soon as my flight landed at JFK and I walked down the jetway into the airport, my shoulders started to tighten, jaws suddenly clenched and all of my day-to-day anxieties came flooding back to me at once. Granted, I was extremely

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