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A Travel Story Exclusive: The Sights of St. Croix

Photo: S. James Sometimes, being a writer has its perks. A couple of weeks ago, my brilliant-phenomenal-stupendous-wonderful editor sent me on an assignment to cover the culture on the beautiful island of St. Croix. *Swoons* I couldn’t wait to escape the frigid temperatures here in the Northeast and trade in my peacoat for a tank top and flip-flops.  But St. Croix has so much more to offer than a balmy year-round climate. The island is rich in culture and tradition with a bountiful, well-documented past.  The locals are warm, friendly and welcoming. The views are breathtaking and drool worthy –

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Kickin’ it in Connecticut

(Photo: S. James) This is a very tricky time of year to visit Connecticut. All the marina and harbor activities have been suspended until next summer.  The fall foliage hasn’t quite peaked yet. And the weather is unpredictable. But I needed a getaway. Nothing as big and splashy (or expensive) as my trip to Cabo earlier this year.  I just needed a change a pace. I wanted to take in some new air and sleep in a different bed (bug free, of course).  So, I packed up the car and the dog and hit the road to the Constitution State.The original

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The Tipping Point

I travel often and eat out regularly. And the more I do both, the more I find myself in obscure tipping situations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a great tipper. But sometimes I don’t know when to tip or how much. For example: If I sit at the bar to order dinner instead of at a table, am I supposed to tip the bartender the same 15% or 20% tip I would give a waiter or waitress? And what about after I’m done getting a massage? What should I tip the masseuse? And the holidays are on the horizon. Should

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