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I Done Went and Got Published in a Scholary Journal

Homer, ancient Greek poet & scholar Scholarly is the last word I would used to describe myself. In fact, the adjective is on my list of words people overuse when describing themselves and others. (Other words include: epic. icon. amazing. etc.) But, today, I am quite proud to announce that I’ve got a clip in a scholarly journal. Woot! Woot! Wait. Are written pieces in journals even called “clips?” The word “clips” sounds too light and general – not serious enough. I think the proper phrasing is: I’ve got an article published in a scholarly journal. Ah, yes. That sounds

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9/11: A Brief Personal Reflection

I didn’t lose anyone on September 11, 2001. I don’t even know anyone¬†personally who lost a friend or loved one that day. And because of that, I’ve always felt like an observer, like a voyeur who stood and watched this heinous, horrific thing happen to other people. If I had to guess, I would say it’s because of the way I watched the attacks on The World Trade Center unfold: From a large office window in¬†New Jersey, just close enough to know that what I was watching was real but far enough removed to be out of harm’s way. Like

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6 Tips on How To Eat Out During a Power Outage

There I am happily eating in a dark diner after Hurricane Irene Over the weekend, Hurricane Irene crippled the eastern seaboard, flooding towns, knocking over trees and taking lives. And in New Jersey, where I live, 617,000 people were without power. My lights were out for almost 18 hours. Meditation and light-skin-did Oreos helped me maintain my sanity. I had access to my gas stove but didn’t really feel like cooking. So I hit the streets and went to my favorite diner a few blocks down from my apartment. They were without power as well, but that didn’t keep them

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