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Nocturnal Admission: My Big Fat Geometric Secret

I’ve been having the same nightmare once a week for several months straight. The nocturnal reverie always stars a teenage me in the tail end of my senior year in high school. The dream typically begins with me strolling the school halls with textbooks in my hands, chatting up my fellow classmates. And usually ends with me groveling at the feet of a teacher whose class I’ve cut the entire school year, begging her not to fail me. And then, just like that, I wake up sweaty, out of breath and clutching my neck where I imagine pearls to be.

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Musical Reflections: Tracy Chapman | Fast Car

I was 8-years-old when I owned my very first album. Up until that point, Mom would purchase singles for me. The first single I ever owned was the Inspector Gadget theme song sampled joint by Bad Boys. And yes, it was a vinyl record. I’m sure Mom still has it. She’s a pack rat. But the very first full length album that I not only owned but listened to from start to finish was Tracy Chapman’s eponymous debut. The young man who drove the church van would always talk to me about this album that he could not stop listening

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Body Count: Do You Know How Many People You’ve Slept With?

Tucked away in a top secret location, handwritten using my favorite writing utensil (a Pilot Pen Precise V7 roller ball ink pen) on a titleless sheet of paper torn from a legal size notepad is a list of everyone I’ve ever had sex with. Yep. I keep a list – and yes, it’s numbered.And on days when I’m bored, I like to pull out that document (I’m thisclose to having it notarized), scan the names and take a leisurely stroll down memory lane. I’ve managed to keep a mental note of what all the symbols mean. For example, there are

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