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Self-Diagnosis: I’m Suffering From Post Vacation Depression

*Throws self on carry-on bag* Why Lawd WHY? *Sigh* Yesterday, I came home from a fantastical extended weekend getaway in northern California. (Review coming soon.) I had a ball. That jaunt was just what the doctor ordered. The cat’s meow. The bee’s knees. The yin to my yang. The – well, you get the point. But I swear, as soon as my flight landed at JFK and I walked down the jetway into the airport, my shoulders started to tighten, jaws suddenly clenched and all of my day-to-day anxieties came flooding back to me at once. Granted, I was extremely

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True Confession: I Don’t Know How To Swim

*Sigh* I hate to admit this, but no, I do not know how to swim. It troubles me terribly because the moment I tell someone that, I instantly feel like a stereotype – and rightfully so. I recently read an article on website where it was reported that  “58 percent of African-American children cannot swim — more than double the percentage of white children.” Black folks not knowing how to swim has been a running gag and the butt of jokes for many years. But it’s not always a laughing matter. In the same article, The Brooklyn Ink spoke with Lee

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Is My Acting Career Getting a Reboot?

I’m feeling quite actorly this week. Today, I take new headshots for the first time in five years.  My old ones aren’t bad, per se. But it’s time for a new look. I may still look the same, but I feel like such a different person now. When I look at these pictures, I don’t see myself anymore. I’ve grown up quite a bit over the last five years.  I’m ready to bring some new experiences to the lens. And I’m sure my photographer, Antonio, will capture something special. We’ve got some fun indoor/outdoor stuff lined up that I’m sure

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