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FEATURE: Mother’s Day Blues

Mother’s Day is this weekend. People everywhere are making last minute dinner reservations, ordering bouquets of flowers and scouring shelves of picked-through cards looking for the words that tell mom they care enough to send the very best. Wanda Rivera, however, will be going about her business as if it’s any other day. “The last time I celebrated Mother’s Day was the last one I had with my mom,” says the 40-year-old planning assistant from Newark, NJ. “For me, celebrating Mother’s Day was about celebrating her. Now that she’s no longer with us, it’s just not the same.” Rivera lost

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Don’t Call My Mamma A MILF! Them’s Fightin’ Words!

Last week, I tweeted this picture of my Mother and me at the nursing home visiting Granny. One of my followers retweeted the picture and said: “Wow, Shydel, you’re Mother is a MILF!” Lawd! After I threw up in my mouth, the comment got me to thinking: My Mom needs love too.A little about my Mom: She gave birth to me and married my father when she was a senior in high school. She divorced him about four years later and began living life as a single Mother. Growing up, she had a couple of steady boy friends. It was

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I’m 30

This morning, at precisely 1:43am EST, I turned 30-years-old. Leading up to this day, I went through an array of emotions. Dread & Denial: thirty?! How did this happen? And so fast? I’m not ready, dammit! There’s still so much left to do. I’ve never taken a cruise. I don’t know how to swim. Still have yet to master a stick shift. Pomp & Circumstance: fuck it. I’m going to throw a big ol’ bash. You only turn thirty once! I’ll rent out some ultra chic lounge in NYC and pop bottles all night. Or maybe copy off my homie

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