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Road Trippin’ With The Fellas To Niagara Falls and Toronto

Photo: S. James  Del don’t do road trips. Usually. I have terrible childhood memories of being sandwiched in the back seat of an unairconditioned hooptie, riding down south in the middle of the summer. *Shudders*  So naturally, when talk of a road trip comes up, I’m the first one on the computer looking up a flight to said destination and making plans to meet my travel mates there. In my mind, by the time they get to the hotel completely aggravated, cranky and smelling of automobile, I’m already checked into my room, curled up with a Kindle and enthralled in a good book. Such

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Highly Recommended: Lovely, Still

My love for the geriatric set does not start and end with The Golden Girls. In this youth driven culture of Jersey Shores and Kim Kardashians, I always welcome a seasoned diversion from the mainstream. Such was the case for Lovely, Still, a delightful, romantic film about Robert (Martin Landau) and Mary’s (Ellen Burstyn) whimsical December-December love affair. A lonely Robert gets a new lease on life when Mary moves in across the street and asks him out on a date. What ensues is a heartwarming exploration of late-in-life romance with a sentimental twist that will leave you heartbroken. First

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6 Tips on How To Eat Out During a Power Outage

There I am happily eating in a dark diner after Hurricane Irene Over the weekend, Hurricane Irene crippled the eastern seaboard, flooding towns, knocking over trees and taking lives. And in New Jersey, where I live, 617,000 people were without power. My lights were out for almost 18 hours. Meditation and light-skin-did Oreos helped me maintain my sanity. I had access to my gas stove but didn’t really feel like cooking. So I hit the streets and went to my favorite diner a few blocks down from my apartment. They were without power as well, but that didn’t keep them

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